COVID-19 Automated testing system - Todaro Robotics
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COVID-19 Automated testing system

Todaro Robotics responds to the Covid-19 testing demand with a flexible, configurable, automated system.

Our COVID-19 PCR Testing system can process up to 200 samples per hour. This system automates the entire process from nucleic acid purification to QPCR realization of results. Powered by Retisoft Genera 6 Scheduling software, our system is configurable and customizable to fit your workflow and protocol.


• Nucleotide purification

• Pipetting and re-arraying of samples

• Centrifugation

• Plate sealing

• Automated seal removal

• Quantitative PCR execution

• Bulk dispensing of reagents

• Incubation or cold storage provided in an automated incubator.

• Random access and scheduling control of all samples.

• Barcode and data tracking of samples

• Can accommodate most pipetting platforms

• Can accommodate most purification and testing kits.

• Flexible, configurable, and adaptable

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