About Todaro Robotics - Todaro Robotics
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About Todaro Robotics

Reliable Automation that Delivers Results for Customers

There’s a lot of automation that can happen that isn’t a replacement of humans but of mind-numbing behavior.

Stewart Butterfield

Todaro robotics was founded in 2017 in San Diego, California by Thomas Todaro with the mission to provide quality and easy-to-use robotics and laboratory automation solutions that deliver success for our customers.

Todaro Robotics is VOSB certified –  A Veteran-Owned Small Business ia a small business that is at least 51% owned by veterans. The management and daily operations of it must be controlled by one or more veterans and the business must qualify as “small” for federal business size standard purposes.


Leadership Team


Thomas Todaro brings 20 years experience in the design, construction, deployment, and management of world-class laboratory automation and robotics systems. Thomas started his career in the US Navy with 6 years experience in advanced aviation electronics troubleshooting and repair and earned a subsequent degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from University of California at San Diego in 1998. Thomas led automation efforts at Diversa Corp., Verinium, BASF Enzymes, and Biosero where Thomas designed and deployed over 25 robotic systems. He is familiar and experienced with the cutting edge software, methodologies, vendors, and robot systems that enable automated screening in modern pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Tom’s ability to bring the worlds of science, business, and engineering together to create innovative customer solutions puts him in an ideal position to lead Todaro Robotics to success.

Thomas R Todaro

Founder and CEO

Since starting his first business in 1984 with the release of the first IBM PC’s, James Slatic has been a “serial entrepreneur”, starting 13 companies in all, with three achieving multi-million dollar exits.

James has also been an activist and board member of organizations involved in reforming cannabis laws, angel investor, and is a Lifetime Investor member of the ArcView angel network.

James Slatic

Co-Founder and President