High Throughput Cannabis Testing - Todaro Robotics
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High Throughput Cannabis Testing

Screen Hundreds of Samples Per Day

Todaro Robotics is proud to support licensed cannabis testing facilities with cutting-edge automation solutions.  From sample prep to automating analytical analysis, we can find provide an out of the box or custom automation solution that takes your testing laboratory to the next level.


Sample prep:

  • Digital image recording
  • Mass measurement
  • Automated sonication
  • Automated homogenization
  • Automated extraction into testing solvent

Sample Arraying

  • Arrays samples into vials and tubes so that plates or racks can be manually or robotically loaded into downstream workstations
  • Cannabinoids profiling
  • Terpenes profiling
  • Pesticide analysis
  • Microbial screening
  • Heavy metals detection

Analytical Testing Automation

  • LCMS
  • GCMS
  • HPLC

Cutting edge biotech and pharmaceutical laboratory automation practices can be put to use in your testing laboratory.   

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